12 Week Total Transformation Program

Beyond The Diet

CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to first choose YOU and second for choosing to become the best version of you!

If you were your bravest self, happiest self, healthiest self, putting all judgement aside who would that be? This incredible 12 week journey is curated just for you, making your vision a reality… for good!

Our journey together is to finally say “Yes” to yourself and shifting your reality in alignment with your best self. Using habit change modalities around food, body image, subconscious beliefs we will shift your identity and transform your life.

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Physical results are not the answer.. they are the result of taking ownership of your body, mind and soul; embodiment of your inner magnificence. That, is a transformation

Program Details

  • 12 weekly, private, 60 minute one-on-one sessions with me (zoom, phone or in person)
  • Reframing subconscious beliefs around your relationship with yourself and food
  • Learn to finally put yourself first on your priority list
  • Instilling strategies to manage and cope with stress
  • Nutritional specifics- increase nutrient dense eating for YOUR specific body
  • Whole foods in – Chemicals out
  • Break through guilt and shame around lifestyle and food habits
  • Building your “magic plate” and what that means toward your transformational goals
  • Nourishment in all areas of life
  • Transform Sleep and energy levels
  • Build a genuine relationship with self
  • Learn where self sabotage shows up in your life, poor body image and negative self talk
  • Goals around exercise, self-care, career, love, nutrition, wellness, and relaxation to heal
  • Look and feel your absolute best
  • Learn why we have cravings, appetite, poor eating habits (yo-yo diets, binge eating, numbing with food, emotional eating, stress eating) and what you can do about it
  • Free recipes, nutritional shopping lists, done-for-you guides to Vegetarian or Plant-based lifestyles, build your “Magic Plate” guide, How-to stress less guides, Life Nourishment menus, Detox guides, Sleep better guides, and many many more

Anna Awada

Advanced Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Theta Healing Practitioner

What I Guarantee:

My 100% commitment to you in every way I am capable, and if you are too then there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. I will provide all the tools, support and guidance to keep your vision of your best self held as top priority. By showing up for yourself there is nothing stopping you in this journey from living our best life.

Proven Benefits

  • Break through weight loss plateaus
  • Change negative body image and sabotaging behaviours
  • Create new healthy sustainable habits around food and mindset
  • Reframe limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Transform your stress levels
  • Sleep better
  • Skyrocket your energy
  • Improve digestion gut health – IBS, heartburn, indigestion
  • Happier, healthier relationship with yourself and with loved ones
  • A wealth of positive abundance
  • Breakthrough fear holding you back from your dream life, body, job, and relationships
  • Have a toolkit of easy steps to keep on track and in alignment with YOUR best version

I’d love to hear your story and how I can guide you on YOUR transformation

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