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What is ThetaHealing® and how can it change your life?

ThetaHealing® is a meditative process of physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focus on connecting to Creator. Our brain waves automatically go into a Theta-wave state of mind and it is in this mind-state you can create change by releasing subconscious limiting beliefs, heal trauma that still presents itself in your life, and releases negative thoughts and fears.

Words, spoken or not, have an incredible impact on our daily lives, and if the statement or belief is spoken enough times it becomes our “reality” of what we believe to be true about ourselves. By releasing these beliefs we are freeing ourselves from the limitation it has held on us so we can live our true life purpose.

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Creator is not a religious term nor is ThetaHealing® a religious practice. It is through connecting with a higher source that is greater than us, whatever that may mean to you, to facilitate healing in the highest and best way for each individual person.

Examples of negative thoughts or beliefs are:

  • I am not good enough
  • I need to lose weight
  • I am not worthy of having happiness
  • I will never have the life I want
  • I can’t afford to have what I want
  • I am ashamed of myself and my life
  • I don’t deserve to have what I want
  • No one loves me.. not even myself
  • Good things never happen to me
  • I don’t deserve to be beautiful

Anna Awada

Advanced Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Theta Healing Practitioner

I am grateful for my life

ThetaHealing® is a truly transformational experience which can allow and create the opportunity for one to heal and live out their best and highest version of themselves. I personally have experienced this in my life and it is what drove me to become a Theta practitioner myself so I can help others heal in ways they never knew possible. I am thankful every day for the benefits ThetaHealing® has brought into my life and hopefully in yours too.

Examples of positive thoughts or beliefs are:

  • I am so blessed to be living
  • I love every cell in my body
  • I am worthy of greatness
  • I have plenty
  • I am abundant
  • I am a beautiful person
  • I am vibrant on all levels
  • I am grateful for my life
  • I deserve to be loved
  • I attract amazing people into my life

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